The Great Unveiling.



Finally it is time to unveil my new improved blog to you all!  Todays post is going to be about moving from Blogger to WordPress.

After umming and ahhing over whether I should move to WordPress it finally happened after going to the Blogstock festival this weekend!  I learnt so much from a lot of inspirational people who are in the blogging world and to get their views and opinions was amazing!  I will have a post later on in the week with more about that though.  I was terrified that moving over was going to be a real nightmare and I would lose everything and I would just end up sitting crying in a corner but here I am smiling and not a tear in sight.

Firstly I went to Pipdig who make amazing templates for both Blogger and WordPress I chose which look I wanted and purchased it.  I then bought my domain name from Bluehost which took a bit of time as I couldn’t decide between the different options but it was very simple to use once you make up your mind.  Next I set up my WordPress account and started the dreaded move over!  I found a tutorial that talked me through it and all in all it was pretty seamless.  I had one moment where it all went black and nothing was there but after a quick break and some air I sorted that out.  Finally was making adjustments to my pages and posts to make it all look pretty and consistent.

As I am so ocd and a perfectionist I checked it all over three million times and here we are ready for the great unveiling!!


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