Guest Post- JackiiNaturals Part 3


Hi everyone its time for Jackii’s post, this one is a really great one and I will be trying these out!

Enjoy 🙂

Hey guys, it’s Jackii again from JackiiNaturals! As you all know by now, I have an extensive list of digestion issues, most of which are caused by my IBS and gastritis. However, even though this is the case, I am able to find comfort in making my own medicinal teas! As a tea apothecary hobbyist, I enjoy making teas to remedy all sorts of maladies, including cold and flu symptoms, constipation, gastritis, nausea, PMS, bloating, gas, headaches, and pain. Since I buy organic herbs in bulk, I am able to mix my own tea blends. Here are my top favourite tea blends for my most common ailments.


Headache Tea

  • 3mL peppermint leaves
  • 1mL lavender flowers
  • 5mL chamomile flowers

Steep for 8-10 minutes and add sweetener to taste, if desired.



  • 1mL dandelion root
  • 1mL dandelion leaves
  • 2mL red raspberry leaves
  • 3mL calendula flowers

Steep for 8-10 minutes and add sweetener to taste, if desired.


Bloating/Gas Tea

  • 2mL peppermint leaves
  • 3mL caraway seeds
  • 2mL fennel seeds
  • 1mL dandelion root

Steep for 8-10 minutes and add sweetener to taste, if desired.


Constipation Tea

  • 5mL pau d’arco bark
  • 3mL Echinacea purpurea leaves
  • 2mL dandelion root
  • 2mL dandelion leaves

Steep for 10 minutes and add sweetener to taste, if desired. Drink the entire mug for best results and repeat the next day if nothing happens.


Cold/Flu Tea

  • 5mL Echinacea purpurea leaves
  • 2 star anise pockets
  • 2mL lemon balm
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3mL peppermint leaves
  • 2mL rosehips

Pour a mug of water into a pot and add all herbs. Crush the garlic into the pot, making sure that garlic juice and crushed garlic is added to the pot. Cover and boil for 3 minutes or until the aroma of the herbs have been released. Strain and pour into a mug. It may not have a pleasant taste, so add sweetener if desired. If you are also feeling nauseous, add some fresh ginger juice and mix it in.


There are a lot of herb substitutions that can be done and there are also many other blends that can be done. Experimenting is the most effective way to see what works best for you, but it may take a while for you to figure out what works and also tastes good! (So many of these blends may not have pleasant aromas, but they do work!) Please don’t consume any of these teas if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Once again, thanks for reading!


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