Camera Tips and Tricks- What are the numbers on the lens about?


So this week I thought I would do another camera tips and tricks post.  One thing that always confused me is what all the little numbers on the lens meant.  Obviously all lenses are different and today I am going to talk about two of the most common styles of lens but obviously as hard as I try I don’t own all the lenses and variants in the world.  If there is one you would like me to talk about please send me a snapshot of it to my email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

So the first one I am going to talk about is a Sony lens.  As you can see the details are on the side of this lens.  Lets look at what each part means, the FE means the type of mount, this is what type of attachment you have on your camera.  This one fits a Full frame E-mount camera.  When you purchase your camera if you unsure which mount your camera is always ask as buying lenses in the future will be much easier if you do! Next you can se 3.5-5.6 which is the lowest and highest aperture (how much light comes in)  that you can use on the lens. This particular lens is a zoom lens so the 28-70 is how much zoom the lens is capable of.  Finally you will just about see it says Optical Stabilisation and this allows slower shutter speeds and also enables taking photos in low light more viable.

Next up is the Canon equivalent of the Sony lens.   So you will be able to see on a DSLR lens that the details are on the front.  So on this one it tells us that its a Canon Zoom Lens, it then tells us that the mount is an EF-S which were specially designed for digital DSLR’s. We then know that our zoom range on this lens is 18-55mm.  Next it tells us that the aperture we can expect from the lens is 3.5-5.6 and the 1 means full frame.  You will notice that there is a circle with a line through it and the number 58mm opposite the other details, this tells us what filter size we need for the lens.  I would always recommend getting a filter for your lens as it less expensive than replacing a scratched lens!  Finally if you look on the side of your DLSR lens you will see the 18-55mm written again and then a little flower with a figure.  This means that if you stand that distance away from an object you will be able to get a macro shot!  Its tells you the distance in metres and also feet, I find this a great little tool to use 🙂

Now its time for you guys to have a go!  Tell me in the comments below what your favourite lens is capable of 🙂


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