10 Good Things……


Here is the next instalment of my 10 good things series.  I have had an odd couple of weeks so these have been really helping to keep me positive! These are the ten good things that have happened for me this week:

1) I have started my journalism course 🙂

2) I have been taking photos each day.

3) I got some me time.

4) I managed to get my first interview with a local restaurant, keep your eyes out for the post!

5) I got to see some old friends.

6) I have taken hold of my destiny as I am the only one who can make my life what I want it to be.

7) I have reached 450 Twitter followers!

8) My blog is looking good and moving forward.

9) I had time to start reading a new book.

10) I am starting to feel less exhausted after the last couple of stressful months.

What 10 good things have happened to you this week? Share your comments below 🙂 I love reading them.


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