Dear Future Me…….Part III


Here is the next instalment of the Dear Future Me series.

Questions 3. What things and events in your life have most shaped the person you have become?

There are lots of things that have shaped me in to who I am today, i have found this question actually really tough probably as it needs you to share experiences that you may have been tough but also there is a lot of good things that have made me who I am today.  I thought I would do the top 6 things that I feel have made the biggest impact on me:

  1. School- wow this was a hard time of my life, I was never much of a school person and as I find it difficult to trust people so building friendships was difficult and I think that most people would say that school has played some part in who they have become.
  2. Musical Theatre School- I left school at 16 and decided to pursue my life long dream of being a musical theatre performer.  I travelled back and forth to London every day and for someone who was used to being at home and not venturing out that far it was a bit of a shock to the system.  I did met my partner during this time though which brings me on to the next thing.
  3. Meeting my partner- This was a huge life changer for me, I was used to being on my own and not relying or talking to other people and this all changed when we met.  I finally felt that this was someone I could trust and rely on and that is true to this day.  I think every day how lucky I am having him in my life.
  4. Serious Injury- The year after I left college I had an accident on a climbing wall where I dislocated my knee and my hip.  Me being me I went and did a marathon on it the next week and did more damage than I ever imagined I would.  The following five year were operations on my knee and hip and meant that my dream of musical theatre was suddenly not possible.  I still love singing and acting but the dancing is still painful.
  5. Photography- This hobby has really changed my life, it is a great hobby that I can go and do on my own and be at one with nature or its something that I share with my partner and we go for long walks and amazing trips. I love photography because you can really express yourself and be creative.
  6. Blogging- Starting my blog in June has been amazing and terrifying, I have learnt so much and I love being able to share my thoughts and life experiences with you all.

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