10 Good Things………


Here are this weeks top 10 things:

  1. I met loads of great people at The Libbie Clubs first event.  It was a lovely evening and I will do more of a review on this next week.
  2. I got some beautiful roses from my partner.
  3. I started using my planner again.
  4. I had time to use my macro lens and get some nice shots.
  5. I ordered some planner stickers.
  6. I made time for some reading.
  7. I watched Beverley Hills Cop 2 and had forgotten how good old films are!
  8. I organised my guest posts for October and November.
  9. I have organised a weekend trip.
  10. I had some pamper time this week which is really rare for me so I really enjoyed this part of the week.

What were your 10 good things this week?


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