Dear Future Me…….Part IV


Its that time of the week again where I continue my journey on the Dear Future Me Series.  This week its all about school life. Enjoy 🙂 

  1. Write about some of the highlights of your school life…School life for me was quite a difficult period of life, I wanted to be outside taking photos or pretending to be a princess rather than sitting in a stuffy classroom.  But of course there are always some highlights, like the amazing day trips to museums or the end of term where you go to do team building days.
  2. What did you like most about school life? I liked not having to rely on me to get myself to where I needed to be but of course this is the great thing about hindsight isn’t it! During school I probably would have said socialising with friends.
  3.  What did you like least about school life? This could be a long list! The top three things I didn’t like were classes (awkward right?!) The early mornings and the nasty school politics and how fickle the relationships could be.
  4. What sort of problems or challenges, if any, did you have at school? I was lucky enough to go to private school and we had boarders, this made it quite hard to form friendships with the people who boarded as they were always together at school and you kind of dipped in and out.
  5.  Who were your favourite teachers/tutors and why? I liked my maths teacher actually, they didn’t just give up on me they helped me to grow and understand things that I felt I may never understand.
  6.  Did anyone inspire you and if so how? We had guest tutors in and one of the most exciting for me was an author who wrote children’s stories and also poetry and he chose my poem as the best which I will remember forever and I just found him so inspirational and fascinating.
  7. Which subjects did you most enjoy at school and why? I liked English, Maths, Biology and Drama.  English because I love reading and writing (handy for a blogger eh?) Maths because it was a real challenge and I love challenges, biology because how incredible are we and the plants around us! Drama because I could be silly and just have fun.
  8. What were you best at and why do you think this is so? I think that I was probably best at English and Drama.  I am dyslexic so English was not without its challenges but learning poems, writing them and getting to write stories and use my imagination was just amazing to me.  For the drama well I went on to train professionally in this so I loved the freedom of acting, that you could be someone else for a day and also it came easily and naturally to me which I enjoy.

Thats it for this weeks Dear Future Me, I am really enjoying writing this series because not only are you guys learning more about me but I am learning more about me and my values along the way! I am looking forward to next weeks instalment.  Share your experiences below as I would love to get to know my readers more!


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