Photography Tips and Tricks- Macro Lenses.


Recently I took a huge leap and decided to invest in a macro lens.  I had been thinking about getting one for a while and when it was there sparkling in all its glory, gently whispering buy me, I gave in! I am currently working with a Sony A6000 with a Sony Macro lens.  I am so glad that I made this purchase but there of course like anything in life pros and cons.  So this is what I have found whilst using the lens.


  1. You can get amazing close up shots of flowers and bees and anything you really want to show the details of an object.
  2. You can get the lens to focus very quickly on a subject.
  3. Using a Macro lens is an easier way to capture those close up shots you want to achieve.
  4. The photos come out much crisper than with a normal zoomed lens.


  1. When it is windy the focus can be very tricky, so lots of your shots could end up blurry.
  2. The are expensive, no lens is cheap of course but macro lenses can be more pricey.
  3. You have to review your shots very carefully as it can look sharp but when you go home and zoom in they can blur.
  4. You have to be very close to the subject and for instance wasps, bees etc don’t really like this. Remember respect nature if it distresses or damages nature do not take the shot!

Have you ever used a Macro lens?  What did you love and hate about the experience?

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