10 Good Things….


Firstly sorry I forgot to put in the 10 Good Things picture last week!  It has been a wild couple of weeks here are the top 10 things from this week for you.

1) I got accepted on to the Stock photography websites that I applied to!  I am so excited and hope that people out in the big wide world will enjoy them.

2) I got asked to write a sample article for a magazine.  I will update you more when I know whats happening with this.

3) I got to go for a day trip and got some great photos.

4) I am embarking on a mammoth teeth transformation and the worst bit was completed this week so from now on it should be an easier journey.

5) I have been unwell recently so the fact I managed a mini day trip was amazing.

6) I have started to settle in to my new job.

7) I have started to really understand Lightroom and what I can do with it.

8) I had a really lovely weekend with my partner and got to relax and eat chocolate! (Don’t tell the dentist!!!)

9) I did my first interview for a very touching subject this week and hope to be able to share it with you soon.

10) I got my first donation for The Royal Marsden Da Vinci Robot project!  Please keep donating if you can.

Overall it has been a great week and I have had a great time. What have you been up to please share below 🙂


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