Guest Post 2- Amy Mia Goldsmith


Five Things I Learned Working at a Bookstore

I have always loved to interact with people. A job at a bookstore was the perfect way for me to meet different people and help them find a book that would become their best friend. I worked in a bookstore in my hometown for two years and have not regretted one second of it. Every day was different and filled with new amazing stories.

  1. Advertisement can make miracles

It is unbelievable how much people believe what others tell them and how seduced we all are by the promises of advertisements. More often they will simply read a few lines at the back of the book, or an ad in a newspaper, and their choice is made. They will buy a book because a commercial convinced them it is a bestseller and a must-have of the season. However, you should not judge a book by its cover. I do not say books that are being advertised are all bad, I’m just saying you should try to dig deeper and find something appealing to you, not to the mass society.

  1. You are never alone in a bookstore

Booklovers can always feel at home at a bookstore. Our bookstore has a bar, too, so many people come to just enjoy their coffee and have a good read. If you are a book lover, you are always welcome at a bookstore and you can stay for as long as you want.


  1. Work can bring great people in your life

Literary and book discussion events were one of the favorite parts of my job. These events bring book lovers together every month, and some important relationships can be formed and strengthened this way. I have met so many intelligent and clever people and learned so much from them, a lot of them are my close friends today. It was a great pleasure to be a part of something so rewarding.


  1. The salesmen do not know your friends’ taste

As you all know, bookstores are the perfect place for purchasing a gift for someone’s birthday. The worst thing about it was the fact that people came with an assumption that the salesperson has to know what the perfect book for their friend is. Buying a book for someone else is very tricky. You can not be sure whether your friend had read that book, or if he/she would like it, unless you are extremely close and know their taste very well. Therefore, if you do not know your friend enough, maybe skip buying a book and get a gift card instead. In Australia, we have many gift card stores, places where you can buy a prepaid gift card, so the person can get whatever he/she likes with that card within the amount on the gift card.

  1. Bookstores are important in today’s digital era

I love books, and I enjoy reading and exploring new things every day. That is why it was such a pleasure working at the bookstore. Also, because people spend the majority of their day on the Internet, they read so little today. I really hope my daughter will spend more time reading, and less playing computer games. Reading enhances creativity and imagination in ways that computer games simply cannot do. And they help enrich the vocabulary of an individual, too.

I miss my old job and my colleagues sometimes. Every time I walk by the store I go inside to say hello, nostalgia kicks in. The bookstore really did become my second home, so I plan to go back as soon as my daughter starts school. I truly believe everyone is good at something and you should always do what truly makes you happy.


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