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Daniel Rogers got in touch with me earlier this month with some fabulous ideas for a guest post.  I love sharing peoples writing and work so I hope you enjoy this post.

How to drink water safely when you are abroad

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing more fulfilling and liberating than traveling, learning about foreign countries and exotic cultures. A wise person would always choose a life full of adventures over ‘satisfactory and carefree existence’. Your comfortable house will stay in its place waiting for you to come back whenever you decide to go somewhere, and you have only one opportunity to live your life. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind while traveling – the quality of drinking water. Whether you travel alone or with family it is extremely important to check these things.

Follow the river

A wise person once said that when you put your finger into to the river, you have touched the entire world. When you think about it – it is the truth because the river will at last reach the sea, and the sea water will reach the coast of some distant land. And when you think about the fact that human body is approximately 60% water, you will understand that life without it would be impossible. As you can see, water connects everything: people, distant lands, and human body, and this great mystery of life should be treasured and respected. And what do we do instead? We pollute the rivers and oceans and we kill the life within.

The water we drink

Unfortunately, the quality of drinking water around the globe is getting lower. It is irrelevant to which place you have decided to travel; you will have to find out as much information as possible in order to be prepared. Ask your friends who have traveled there or visit forums and ask people if they had any health problems when they drank water at that particular place. Keep in mind that water quality in Europe is still good due to rigorous controls in the EU. However, if you plan to travel to Africa, forget about drinking from unchecked water sources. Consider taking a filter with you or you can pay more money for trusted bottled water.

How to store rainwater

Believe it or not, rainwater is much better for your body than any tap water. It is not suitable for drinking, of course, but it’s much softer, thus making it perfect for bathing. Just to make an experiment, follow a local weather forecast. If they have announced some heavy rains, store the water using capacious water tank to which you will attached smaller pump sprayer which will actually pump the water to the shower. You will see that after only few showers your skin will become softer, and your hair more shiny than it was before.

Leave the water on the Sunlight

There’s one simple trick which will make tap water purer than it is. Latest Russian research has shown that water remembers the condition of its latest environment. It basically means that water that ran through the dark water pipes and has been exposed to chemical purification isn’t particularly healthy. Fill several glass bottles (they have to be transparent) with tap water and leave it under sunlight during the day. You’ll see that its taste is different. This happens because UV light disinfects water, making it clean and safe to drink.


Remember, memories are the only thing that remains after years of life efforts pass. Saint Augustine said that the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page. Don’t be afraid of the unknown and choose to travel as often as you can, but make sure you and your family stay healthy on those travels.


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