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I am very pleased to introduce Rachel from The Taylor Made Travels this month.  I met Rachel at Blogstock this year and she was so lovely and friendly we instantly got on.  I contacted Rachel afterwards and asked her to be my guest for November and she agreed! This week she has written us an introduction about her but the upcoming posts are amazing so make sure you keep reading each week!

Selamat Datang!

My name is Rachel and I am a travel blogger writing on and this November I will be the guest writer at “The Small Things of Life” blog after meeting xxx at blogstock this September and chatting about blogging until we lost our voices!

So who I am?

I was brought up in the UK and during my childhood I was lucky enough to traipse across Europe with my parents which instilled a love for travel in me. During my degree I got the opportunity to study in Malaysia and during this year I made some great friends, did things I would have been too scared to do before and had the best year of my life. It is the old cliché but that year change me. Moving back to the UK afterwards the wanderlust stayed with me and I was restless for adventure so at the first chance I had I moved to South Korea for a few months followed by a few months in China. But I had already fallen in love with one country: Malaysia and when the opportunity to move back was given to me I accepted without hesitation and that is where you can currently find me!

Malaysia is a great place to live as there are so many adventures to be had from eating crazy food such as durian or smelly tofu to diving with turtles and on top of that it is a great base to explore the rest of South-East Asia. Most weekend I try and head off and explore Malaysia and to help me make the most of getting off the beaten tourist trail I would love to learn some malay which is currently limited to Selamat Datang (hello) and Terima Kasih (thank you).

At the moment I going with the flow of life and have no idea how long I will be in Malaysia but I am determined to make the most of living in this country. Over the next year I plan to explore more islands and rainforests, try more interesting food and get to know the people of Malaysia. You can follow all this on my blog and see pictures on my Instagram @taylormadetravels ! I have been working on my photography using the blog posts found on the small things of life so I hope you enjoy it.

Keep reading The Small Things of Life! The next post will cover some of the small things you need to know before living in Malaysia.


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