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I recently contacted Trender through a Bloggers Required advert and was lucky enough to be chosen to review and promote an exciting new app.  This is not a sponsored post as I do not benefit from promoting this app, I just want to share an amazing new venture. All views and opinions are my own and I will only ever work with companies that I feel passionate about.

How the app works:

This amazing new app allows bloggers and social media influencers to earn money all within one app.

Once you have downloaded the Trender app on either the App Store for IOS devices or Google Play for android devices you then connect in to all of your social media accounts and you are ready to start. One really great feature is that you can sign in to all of your social media accounts simultaneously so you can import your contacts in to one place.  The more popular you are on social media the more money you can earn.

There are two ways that you can connect with businesses, the first is that they contact you and you accept their invitation or the second way is that you can locate the business yourself and propose a trend. The more people that you have on your account the more likely businesses will want to work with you and the more money you can earn.

Once you have connected with the business all you have to do is click the trend it button and then Trender will do the rest for you. Every time you hit the “trend it” button you get paid and as your balance grows you can withdraw your earnings. It’s really as simple and effective as that.

Why you should definitely download this app:

You can earn money without having to leave your home and its really simple to use.

When can you get Trender:

  •  In two weeks time Trender will be available for Android devices.
  • In four weeks time Trender will be available for IOS devices.

 Click on the image below to read more about this amazing new app!

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