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What is it like living in Malaysia?

I have now lived on and off in Malaysia for the last few years and I absolutely love the country as it has amazing people, fun and some great places to explore. So in this post I thought I would share some of the small things that make up expat life in Malaysia!

  1. Always look down at the ground as you never know when there could suddenly be a hole in the pavement.

Malaysians don’t do much walking as it is very, very hot and just leads to lots of horrible sweating which means some of the pavements are not kept in a great condition. So if you are out walking in Malaysia keep one eye on the pavement to avoid suddenly falling into a hole.

  1. Good, cheap food is available 24 hours, 7 days a week

In Malaysia there is no need to head to McDonalds after at night out as there is always a mamak ( small stalls selling amazing fresh food quickly and cheaply) where you can find whatever takes your fancy. Or if you are off travelling and arrive in Kuala Lumpur before the public transport is open then head to a mamak and join the locals hanging round and enjoy a rotai cenai or two.

  1. In monsoon season the rain is the only thing on time in Malaysia.

During monsoon season ( late October to early March) at 4pm most days you can expect a sharp, sudden downpour for 30 minutes and then it stops unless it decides to go the whole way and become a storm for an hour. This is one of the few things actually on time in Malaysia- everything else runs on Malaysian time i.e. at least 15 minutes late, maybe even an hour!

  1. You can get all sort of coloured lightening in Malaysia!

White, purple, red lightening all happens in Malaysia. My favourite is the purple when it is quite far away and I am still waiting to catch a glimpse of the elusive red lightening.

  1. The people are so friendly.

After living in Malaysia for a while and then moving back to the UK I realised how reserved the British are. In Malaysia you may have only just met someone but they will be offering help however they can give it to you, inviting you for home cooked food or even a family members wedding and giving you presents to say welcome to Malaysia. This has certainly rubbed off on me and means some of my friends in the UK tell me off for being too talkative to strangers.

  1. It is so easy to travel in Malaysia

Malaysians are very spontaneous people which means you don’t have to plan weeks in advance to have a weekend away and can just decide on the Friday you want to go somewhere, turn up at the bus station and get a bus to where ever you want. There are buses to everywhere in Malaysia and everything can be reached in an overnight bus trip

  1. Despite living and traveling lots in Malaysia there is still so much more I want to see!

When tourists come to Malaysia they see Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Perhentians, Meleka and Cameron Highlands but there is lots more to see in Malaysia that is off the beaten track. Taiping and Ipoh also have great food, Frasers Hill is a less touristy highland while Kapas is a more isolated island and I plan of seeing even more of these places over the next few months. So check out my blog to see how my journey exploring Malaysia goes!


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