Dear Future Me………


I haven’t done a Dear Future Me for a while but a few of my regular readers said they really enjoy them so I am bringing them back.

Your recent past.

  1. What have you most enjoyed doing during the las few years?  The last few years have been a real rollercoaster and the thing that I have enjoyed most is learning more about who I am.
  2. What have you found most interesting during the last few years? I think the most interesting thing during the last few years for me is learning just how fragile life is and how we have to grasp hold of every day.
  3. What have you found some of the most challenging things you’ve done this last year or so? The most challenging thing this year has been changing jobs and making new friends.
  4. In what way have you most changed or developed in recent years? I have probably changed in my style mostly and I have developed the confidence to take a risk.
  5. How have you improved this last year and how did you do it? I have improved my photography over the last year by practising and reading lots of different tips and tricks.
  6. What has given you the greatest sense of satisfaction this last year or so and why? Getting my first article published on Eat More Cake, getting my blog up and running properly and also selling my first photograph!  It means so much to me to have my passions noticed and appreciated.



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