Dear Future Me……..


Here is the next part of Your Future Me if you missed the last one check it out here.  I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share your own experiences below in the comments section.

  1. In what ways would you say you have been most lucky in life- I have been very fortunate in life that I have always had the things that I need e.g. food, water, a safe home etc.
  2. What is most unfair in life- I think the most unfair things in life is that not everybody can have the things that they most need.
  3. 7 things that make you happy- My partner, photography, yoga, reading, blogging, spa breaks and museums.
  4. 7 things that make you sad- Injury, illness, poverty, war, loneliness, cold weather and upsetting other people.
  5. Describe how you feel most of the time and why- I feel happy most of the time because I  can see how lucky I am to have the things that I do in life.
  6. 7 things that help you sleep- Meditation, reading, lavender, relaxing room spray, cuddles, a bath and being warm.
  7. 7 things that keep you awake- Noise, anxiety, stress, watching Kimmy Schmidt, really good books, scary television programmes and nightmares.
  8. How do you usually and how do you best manage conflicts and fallings out with people- I usually will try and prevent it from getting in to conflicts with people but if I do then I will always try to talk it out with the people involved.
  9. How might you manage conflicts better in the future- I sometimes run away from conflicts and I could maybe try to be more patient in the future.



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