The Mystery of Museum Photography.


For my partners birthday I organised a surprise trip away.  At first he was a little reluctant but after we agree the budget I was on he was really excited about the idea.  I decided that I would like to take him to somewhere that is very close to my heart from my childhood…..Oxford.

Oxford is full of art and culture and for the two of us any excuse to take our cameras out is a really good day!  One thing that I always find a little down heartening is taking photographs in museums.  How many times have you had the most amazing day out and seen some truly breathtaking history and when you go home and look through your photographs feel like you haven’t captured the artefacts to their full potential?  If your anything like me you have felt this many times so on this trip I decided no more, I will conquer this.

I thought to show my point I would use some before and after photographs.

Before:                                                                                                                    After:

thumb_DSC00785_1024                                                                            horse

As you can see just a bit of re-cropping can make a photograph really show off a subject rather than it just being something in the middle of a room.


Alternatively looking at something with a more abstract eye can be really interesting and can really get across the mood of an artefact.


Using different angles and viewpoints can really bring a picture to life and using techniques such as the rule of thirds or leading lines really can make a boring photo in to a really interesting and exciting picture.   I will be talking about different photography tips and tricks of the next few weeks on a Tuesday so please keep your eye out for them.

Any questions please feel free to ask them below 🙂



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