Natural Framing


This week we are going to look at a concept called “Natural Framing.”  I really like this technique because all you need is your camera and nature itself.  As human beings we under estimate nature and what it is capable of.  The key to this technique is use nature to your advantage, imagine it as a natural photo frame.


In the picture above this is what I would call a traditional natural framing photograph.  You can see the buildings frames the beautiful countryside behind it and your eye is naturally drawn through the arch.


In this picture it does not have a full “frame” around it but I think having the two sides helps to draw your eye towards the houses behind and leaving you wondering what is further down the photograph.  As with all photography it is different for everyone and what I think enhances a picture others may not so you need to experiment with all different techniques to find your own personal style.  I will leave you with the photograph below.


Have you ever tried this technique?  What do you like or dislike about it?  Please feel free to share your comments below.


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