January Beauty Favourites

I am not going to lie I am absolutely obsessed with beauty – makeup, new hair accessories, beauty regimes you name it I love it!  On the other hand my bank balance doesn’t like me for it.  I asked for make up at Christmas and I thought that I would review a few of the products that I received.  As it was Christmas I was cheeky and asked for the more luxury make up but I do love a good high street brand as well!

  1. Barry M Chisel Cheek Cream Contour Kit – £7.99 – Superdrug– I am no expert I learn a lot of my techniques through YouTube and one of the things I wanted to conquer was contouring.  I had previously tried a Make Up revolution kit and got nowhere but when I saw this released I thought I have to try it!  Let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint at all.  There are various colours which actually are different and they have the most amazing creamy texture to them.  I think that there could have been a more shimmery highlight in there but I am now just being picky.  I use this every day and as a redhead there is always the chance of looking like you have been up a chimney all day but with this it is just right for my very porcelain skin!  I would really recommend this and for the price the quality is excellent.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil – £19.00 – Charlotte Tibury – Now this is hefty price wise for an Eyeshadow and I would not usually buy myself this but I was lucky and Santa was kind!  I had seen these on the site for a while and the colours are gorgeous and it looked easy so I really wanted to give them a go.  When you go on the site there is a list of which colour is best for your eyes.  I have very dark brown eyes so Amber Haze was my day time colour and Dark Pearl for the evening.  I used these on New Years Eve and they were really easy to apply but you have to remember they dry in 30 seconds so make sure you smudge before the time is up!  I loved the look once I had finished but I have to be honest that I do not think their lasting power is wonderful.  I wore the Amber Haze to work the other day and by the end of the day you could hardly see it anymore.  I am not sure if this is because I had not applied enough but at that price I don’t want to waste them!  They are nice and creamy but not sure they are worth the price tag.
  3. Benefit High Brow Glow – £17.50 – Benefit – I love the brow collection that Benefit have brought out and could probably open my own shop with the amount of products I own.  I will do a post dedicated to the collection but thought that I would review the High Brow Glow this time.  I really wanted to give the High Brow Glow a go (I didn’t mean that to rhyme!) and from what I understand this is a fairly new production in addition to their old favourite High Brow.  When I got this on Christmas Day I was so so excited to use it.  I have used their High Brow for years but the glow to this one drew me to it.  Let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint, they are super easy to apply to the brow and blend so beautifully.  I use this now everyday and it puts a huge smile on my face before the drive to work.  If there is one highlighter product you get  I would say this is the one for you.

Have you used any of the above products?  Share your comments below 🙂



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