Review of PuppySpot Breed Compatibility

I was recently approached by the lovely Rachel at PuppySpot who are working on a dog breed compatibility tool.  Last year my family got a Labradoodle which was  totally new breed to my family as we had German Shepherds for as long as I can remember before that.  When Rachel got in touch I was really interested as my partner and I would love to get a dog in the future but making sure it got on with my family puppy is really important to me.  My partner and his mum had Dachshunds and we have spoken that in the future this would be a breed we would be really interested in for us as they are fun and mischievous which sounds great for us.  So I had a look at the tool and lets see what it revealed!

As you can see it looks like they would definitely get on so we will definitely consider adding a little Dachshund in the future.


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