High End Make Up

This month I thought I would do some reviews on high end make up that I have been lucky enough to receive as gifts for my birthday or Christmas from family.  Most of these are by Charlotte Tilbury and I have a few items from Liz Earle.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow in Light/Medium – £49.00 – I have been using this for a few months now and I have to say that I really like it.  I invested in the sculpting brush and since I have been using it with that, I have been getting a much better chiselled look with a lovely shimmer on the cheek.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick in Panther – £22.00 – I have only used this a couple of times, I am not very good with eye flicks but I thought that this would be my best chance of achieving one.  I have watched the tutorial on it and I have to say I am still needing to use tape to get a good beautiful flick.  The product itself is good and stays but I still will need to do lots of practice to perfect it.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze – £19.00 – I have tried this product on and off for the last few months and I have to say that I am really disappointed in it.  I can get my eye make up to look really great but it just doesn’t hold like the product is meant to.  I can go out for the night and by the time I get back it is all rubbed off the lid and is in the crease and looks a mess.  I am really sad that this is the case as I had hoped for bigger things from these.
  4. Liz Earle Superskin range- I was given a Christmas gift box and I have been using the whole range since then.  I absolutely love it, my skin is more radiant and smooth and my make up applies a lot easier on top of the products.  I use a serum in the evening and by morning by skin feels lovely and hydrated and ready for another day of the harsh weather the UK has in store.  I would really recommend investing in some Liz Earle products they are well worth money.

What luxury beauty items do you like to use?  Have there been any disappointments?  Share your experiences below 🙂


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