Netflix Chill Night with Adore Me

I was inspired by Adore Me to write a piece about how I chill out and what TV shows I am watching.  I love having a relax at the weekend, even though it does not happen very often at the moment.  I like catching up on TV shows and eating lots of snacks, who doesn’t!

I will start with my snack selection, I love chocolate it is a real weakness of mine so there is always a giant bar of Dairy Milk to hand and if it has been a stressful week a pack of Revels usually finds it way in to the mix.  I also love Nachos, I am from the UK and I do not know if nachos are so big here as other places but in my house they are high on the priority list with plenty of cheese, home made guacamole and sour cream!

I like to be comfy when having a relax day so I tend to be in my PJ’s with a big oversized hoodie and rather than slippers I wear my trekking socks as they are super cosy and warm.  We also have some fleecy blankets that can be snuggled under if more warmth is needed and believe me this year it really has been needed!

Finally the shows that I am watching on Netflix at the moment are Line of Duty which is a cop drama which is based in the UK and to be honest I had been putting it off as I was not sure but finally I gave it a go and I loved every minute of it. The whole way through there is suspense and little twists around the corners so if you like something that keeps you on the edge of your seat you should definitely check it out!  Another programme that I love is White Collar, it is another cop based show but where the FBI agent teams up with a criminal and together they work on cases.  It is a really funny and light hearted show that keeps you coming back again and again to see where they go next.

What kind of shows do you like watching and what are your favourite snacks? Share your comments below 🙂 Also, If you’re interested in some new comfy Pj’s check out Adore Me’s cute collection here!


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