Guest Post from Ldn Rose – A day in the life of a marketer

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We are really lucky this month to have a guest post from the lovely Amanda from Ldn Rose.  Her blog is amazing and she has written a piece for us on the day in the life of a marketer.  I hope you enjoy it!  Go and check out her blog and her Social Media channels are:

Twitter: @arcasela

Insta: @ldn.rose

Author bio:

Amanda is a digital marketing and PR professional with over 6 years experience. She blogs over at covering topics including work life, travel with a little bit of fashion and beauty.

Marketing is a diverse and complex industry, mainly as it covers so many different business functions. It is essential for any business and therefore one of the key functions for any organisation despite it’s relative industry. There is an abundance of various roles and specialisms that one can pursue as a career, so I thought I would shed some light by sharing my own personal experience of working in this sector.

The basics:

Let me start off with the basics. If you’re unfamiliar with the marketing industry, you’ll be even more confused by some of the terminology and definitions. Any marketer will tell you, we do love our acronyms! So here are some key terms to learn if you want to pursue a career in the marketing industry.

  • B2B vs B2C Marketing

Quite simply B2B stands for Business to Business and B2C is Business 2 Consumer. This is purely defining the audience or “customer” for an organisation. For a Business to Business model, it simply means your target customers are other businesses. This may be something like an accounting software company that sells it’s product to other businesses. For Business to Consumer, this defines most businesses that provide a service or product to the general public. For example, a supermarket or a fashion brand such as H&M or Urban Outfitters. You will get some organisations that cater to both, but more likely than not, an organisation usually only works towards one audience.

  • Channels

No, I’m not talking about what your favourite TV channel is! In marketing, a channel is simply the platform or outlet you choose to carry your activity out on. For example, social media, a single channel could be Facebook, and you as a marketer could run a campaign via this particular channel.

  • Digital vs Offline Marketing

This mainly refers to the type of marketing you do at a very top level. Digital marketing is usually everything that happens online, from social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising, etc. Offline marketing refers to more traditional marketing methods such as print advertising, onsite marketing within physical stores (think about the printed ads or flyers or brochures you see when you shop in a store).

What do you actually do?

I always get asked this question from family and friends and sometimes more worryingly, from colleagues. The main reason for the mystery is probably down to the constantly changing digital landscape. It’s very rare to find someone who works in marketing that doesn’t touch upon digital marketing to some respect. But ultimately anyone who works in marketing has one goal – reaching their target customer!

This could be done in a variety of ways such as creating brand awareness through PR or social media campaigns. As well as advertising on relevant channels including TV, online and print. Ultimately your end goal as a marketer is to reach that particular audience that will either buy or use your product.

A typical day could include researching trends and latest news related to my client or product and finding a way to incorporate this into a current or upcoming marketing campaign. I also have to stay tuned into what’s happening on relevant blogs and social media platforms. Which to some, may seem like I’m just reading blogs and watching You-Tube videos all day, but hey, all part of the job! Some days I will also be involved in a creative meeting or brainstorm session to develop unique campaign ideas. On a more boring day you may find me writing up a report or presentation for a client.

What’s the best and worst parts of working in marketing?

For me the best thing about working in marketing is that the opportunities are genuinely endless. I could move between different organisations and companies quite easily, so I’m never bored. I work on different projects all the time so no two days are really ever the same. I get to be creative and have fun all whilst I work!

In terms of any negatives, I guess it’s mainly that competition is fierce! For every marketing role on the job market at the moment there are probably around 200 candidates ready to fight you for that spot! So you do always have to ensure you are clued up on any trends or changes within the industry.

Aside from that I can honestly recommend a marketing role to anyone looking to work in a dynamic, creative and constantly changing industry. One thing’s for sure, you will never be bored…

What about you, do you currently work in marketing? Have you ever considered a career in the marketing industry?


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