Tips on Finding your Photography Style.

I thought this week I would write a piece on finding your photography style.  I think this is something that I have really learnt over time.  When I first started out I thought that I would photograph everything and in some ways that is true but  I do think that we find something that we particularly focus on and put our energy in to.  There are different areas that you can make your niche or style like landscape photography, astro photography, macro photography or nature photography.  Here are my top 4 tips on how to find your photography style:

  1. Try everything– To be able to find your niche you have to try different things, start out by trying all different types of photography and see which you feel is most suited to you and your style.
  2. Research– We have the luxury of the internet and all different social media platforms do some research on different styles of photography and see what you love the most.  Pinterest for me is great as you can make different boards and keep building and searching.
  3. Narrow it down – Start to focus on one or two areas of photography that you have been enjoying and start to invest maybe in a little bit more kit that will help you to gain the photographs you are after.
  4. Keep Playing – One of the key things for me in photography is that you have to keep playing around and trying new things and ideas.  Over time you will learn your style and niche and you can then start to play more within this

How have you started your photography journey?  Share your comments below 🙂


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