1. General

a. All opinions on the site are my own and I have not been told what to say by anyone.

b. I undertake to publish/deliver all content that I have agreed in a professional and timely manner.

c. I will not falsely represent my online influence/statistics, or inflate my statistics by buying false readers, followers, fans etc.

d. I will not falsely claim an expertise or skill that I do not have.

e. My loyalty is to my readers for whom my credibility and individuality is crucial.

f. My standards apply not only to my own blog but also to my “brand”, across all social media platforms.

2. My Content

a. I only write about experiences that I have been through myself.

b. I only write about my experiences subjectively and all opinions expressed are my own.

c. I always clearly label any advertising, sponsorships, competitions, product tests or 3rd party reviews, published by me and declare any commercial relationships or associations.

d. I respect the copyright and moral rights of others.

 Last updated September 8th 2015 at 21:40pm